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I have used name brand synthetic urine kits for almost a decade and I was getting sick of the cost. I finally decided to try the generic unlabeled product because it's way cheaper. I have been buying the unboxed stuff now for 2 years and it has worked every time. It looks exactly the same and comes with everything you need.


Jacob S., Subject to Random Drug Tests at Work, W. Yellowstone, MT

I was skeptical about using a synthetic urine, but I am so...so...so...so...very glad I tried it! It was the easiest thing to use and I don't ever have to worry about cleansing my system and wondering if I am really gonna pass. With the synthetic urine kit always in my glove box , I am always ready for a test and I KNOW I WILL PASS IT FOR SURE....EVERY TIME. DAMN.....IT'S A GOOD FEELING.


V.M., Randomly Drug Tested at Work, Boise, ID

You guys saved my life! I passed the test no problem and got the job:)!!!!!


G.H. Clovis, Pre-Employment Drug Test, Albany, NY

I screwed up and smoked when I shouldn't have. My PO would have found out if it wasn't for your detox drink. Man.....your site literally saved my life. 


Chris "Grizzle" McCormick, Probation Drug Test, Salinas, CA

 I bought stuff from another site a couple years ago and freaking failed! I lost my job!!!!! Why is it such a big deal for a cashier to "smoke" on his off-time?!?!?! Well, thank god, your products worked no problem, so they don't have to know this time!  


R. Rollins, Pre-Employment Drug Test, Concord, NH



"Hi I just wanted to let u know, that it worked. The results came out negative. Thanks so much! It saved my neck...Thank you again!" (Chrystal W.)


"Just wanted to send my kudos.  Had a day and a half notice for a drug test for a new job.  Took two bottles of the Stinger, I'm a big guy.  Got the job. Had smoked 3 days in a row.  Thanks for the new job!  THIS IS THE HONEST TRUTH!!!" (Anonymous)


"Dear DTS-
If it wasn't for your website I wouldn't have ever known about the Ace pills! It worked great!  I had a pre employment drug screening to do last week so I had to find something to cleanse my system out and FAST! The Ace pills definitely did the job. Thanks sooooo much!!!" (Daisygirl)


"Damn! The stuff worked. I could have lost my job, but I didn't. I am will tell all my friends about you guys." (Zack S.)


"I have used the cheap syn urine many times in the past and it has always worked!" ( Roger T.)


"I thought I was screwed when I was told I had to take a piss test, but I found your site and everything worked out perfectly. Thanks!" (Matt L.)


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Stinger Rapid Detox
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Ace 7 Day Detox
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Stinger Daily Detox
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Pase La Prueba
Smoker's Multi-Vitamin
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