Need to pass a drug test, but test positive for Suboxone?



Are you on Suboxone and being drug tested to make sure nothing else is in your system like opiates, painkillers, marijuana or alcohol? You have stopped using other drugs, but afraid your past will still show up and ruin everything? Or maybe you had a moment of weakness and don't want it to jeopardize your future? Our synthetic urine kit containing synthetic Suboxone metabolites will help you test positive for Suboxone, but test negative for opiates or other drugs.


We found a synthetic urine manufacturer that supplied a company that made and tested drug screening devices with synthetic urine. This company was making a new Suboxone drug test for medical labs. They needed a reliable, consistent and stable control fluid that they could use to produce positive results while they designed and tested the new product. After the Suboxone urine test panel was completed and sent to market, the synthetic urine manufacturer was left with overstock. So, we bought it and are now offering it to the general public.


The amount we were able to buy is limited and when its gone we won't be able to get more. As far as we know, there is no other product on the market like this. Get it while it lasts.


We have Suboxone drug tests that we use to test every kit that we ship. We make 100% sure each synthetic urine kit tests positive (fails) the test, so you will too. We are confident it will work for you! If it doesn't, we will refund your money! No questions asked!


Each kit contains 4oz of Suboxone positive synthetic urine. That's enough for (2) drug test urine samples.

Suboxone positive synthetic urine kit- test positive for Suboxone and Nothing Else

Suboxone Positive Synthetic Urine

Newest Version/Formula

Complete 100% Fake/ Synthetic Urine!

Price: $57.99

100% Effective

Comes with:

4 oz bottle- Enough for (2) Samples

-Flip top lid

-Temp Strip

-Heat Pad



** This is the same synthetic urine drug testing labs use to check the accuracy of their equipment.**


**NOT intended for unlawful use. Consult applicable state and local laws in your area

concerning the legal use of these products.**



Synthetic urine is premixed laboratory urine designed to protect your privacy during a urinary drug test. This synthetic urine is unisex so a male or female can use it to pass a drug test. It contains all the ingredients normally found in urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatine, and several other urine characteristics. This Suboxone positive synthetic urine is so close to real human urine that it is completely undetectable by the lab.


To use, simply pour contents of container into urine cup at drug testing facility. Make sure sample is within proper temperature range of 94?-100?F. The container can be microwaved up to 10 seconds for initial heat. Be sure to pop up the top prior to heating to release pressure. After heating, close cap and shake bottle. If the temperature remains out of range after first heating, repeat procedure. If the temperature is not in range after two attempts, make sure the container has not been over heated above the 100?F (let cool a few minutes). The heater pad without the microwave will require approximately an hour to warm up to range of 90?-100?F. The heater pad can also be taped to the bottle for prolonged heat, and will keep the bottle near 100?F for up to six hours in an inside pocket of clothing being worn. Some settling may occur. Shake bottle before and after heating, prior to deadline.

Product Warnings:
This product is not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws. If you are looking for drug kits, please navigate to Home Drug Test


Recent Buyer Feedback

I thought if I got some clean synthetic urine and dissolved a piece of my suboxone into it I would be OK. I was wrong..... It didn't work!  Apparently, when you do that, you will actually test positive for opiates. Straight suboxone has the same chemical makeup as opiates that have been metabolized by the body. The suboxone in the urine sample has to be a metabolized form or it won't work.


I can't test positive for opiates again, but I have to show suboxone in my system so they know I am taking my meds and serious about getting clean. I had no idea what to do after I failed my first suboxone drug test.  Luckily, I found a link to this site in a pain killer addiction forum. The synthetic urine kit with suboxone (metabolites) solved my problem.  If I get weak, and take some perks, I won't have to beat myself up and worry.....throwing me right back into the addiction cycle. I keep a bottle of the suboxone positive pee in my purse. I have used it twice and it has worked twice. Each time I would have failed and who knows where I would be now without it. Hopefully I won't need it by this time next year.



I found all this out the hard way. Hopefully I can help others by sharing my experience.


Maggie Manstein, Subject to Court Ordered Drug Screens, Dracut, MA

I was skeptical about using a synthetic urine, but I am glad I tried it! It was the easiest thing to use and I don't ever have to worry about cleansing my system and wondering if I am really gonna pass. With the synthetic urine kit always in my glove box , I am always ready for a test and I KNOW I WILL PASS IT FOR SURE....EVERY TIME. DAMN.....IT'S A GOOD FEELING.


V.M., Randomly Drug Tested at Work, Boise, ID

You guys saved my life! I passed the test no problem and got the job:)!!!!!


G.H. Clovis, Pre-Employment Drug Test, Albany, NY

I screwed up and smoked when I shouldn't have. My PO would have found out if it wasn't for your detox drink. Man.....your site literally saved my life. 


Chris "Grizzle" McCormick, Probation Drug Test, Salinas, CA

 I bought stuff from another site a couple years ago and freaking failed! I lost my job!!!!! Why is it such a big deal for a cashier to "smoke" on his off-time?!?!?! Well, thank god, your products worked no problem, so they don't have to know this time!  


R. Rollins, Pre-Employment Drug Test, Concord, NH


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