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What Product is best for me?


DrugTest-Solutions sells several products to help you find ways to pass a drug test. The match of the right product for the right person depends on several factors. 


1. The type of drug test (urine, hair, blood or saliva).

2. How much you "use". 

3. How much you weigh.



Ace-It 7 Day was designed to be a permanent detox. After taking Ace-It 7 Day, you will be clean until the toxins are put back into the body. Don't have a week? Try the drug specific formulas by Clean Slate 48hr Permanent Drug Detox.



Quick Fix Synthetic Urine or Ace-It Synthetic Urine is the 100% best bet for everyone faced with a urine analysis drug test. Even DOT screens/ tests. It is undetectable and requires no detoxification. Weight and how much you use are NOT a factor when you use Quick Fix or Ace-it Synthetic Urine.

Quick Fix and Ace-It Synthetic Urine should NOT be used for urine analysis tests that are looking for things other than drugs. A urine test for a life insurance policy would be such an example. In this case, Ace-It 7 Day  or The Extreme Clean Drink 32 oz will be the best choice.


Some people may feel uncomfortable using Quick Fix. For example, they are carefully watched when the urine sample is give. This is common for probation or parole drug tests. In this case, The Strip 1 oz Liquid or The Extreme Clean Drink 16 oz will be the best choice.



Pass a saliva drug test using the Ultra Klean Mouthwash is the 100% best bet for everyone faced with a saliva swab drug test. The Stinger Mouthwash will also work well for saliva drug test.



Folli-Kleen or Ace-It Detox Shampoo is the 100% best bet for everyone faced with a Hair Follicle drug test.



Ace-It 7 Day is the 100% best bet for everyone faced with a blood analysis drug test.



Weight and how much you use are NOT a factor when you use Quick Fix or Ace-It Synthetic Urine. If you need to take a drug test detox product for any reason it is recommended that you use Ace-It 7 Day or The Extreme Clean Drink 32 oz.



Weight and how much you use are NOT a factor when you use Quick Fix or Ace-It Synthetic Urine. If you need to take a detoxifying product for any reason it is recommended that you use a Ace-It 7 Day or The Extreme Clean Drink 32 oz.

Stop having nightmares about whether or not you’ll be passing, drug test yourself beforehand and take advantage of all of the products that offers for
ways to pass a drug test. Plan ahead and get yourself a home drug test kit and figure out if you’ll need to do a round of drug detox before you get that test sprung on you at work.


Recent Buyer Feedback

I had to have a physical and blood test before I could get health insurance. I am not a regular, daily smoker. I only smoke when I drink, but, if they found nicotine in my system, they would just assume I was an average smoker. My premium would have been insanely high. My payment is crazy high now, so I can only imagine what a smoker's would be. Anyway, I used your Clean Slate 2 Day nicotine cleanse and I passed it. They didn't find nicotine in my blood. I am now officially a non-smoker. Thank god and thank you!!!!!!!


Mike Richins, Health Insurance Drug Test, Atlanta, GA

I screwed up and smoked when I shouldn't have. My PO would have found out if it wasn't for your detox drink. Man.....your site literally saved my life. 


Chris "Grizzle" McCormick, Probation Drug Test, Salinas, CA

 I bought stuff from another site a couple years ago and freaking failed! I lost my job!!!!! Why is it such a big deal for a cashier to "smoke" on his off-time?!?!?! Well, thank god, your products worked no problem, so they don't have to know this time!  


R. Rollins, Pre-Employment Drug Test, Concord, NH

I was skeptical about using a synthetic urine, but I am glad I tried it! It was the easiest thing to use and I don't ever have to worry about cleansing my system and wondering if I am really gonna pass. With the synthetic urine kit always in my glove box , I am always ready for a test and I KNOW I WILL PASS IT FOR SURE....EVERY TIME. DAMN.....IT'S A GOOD FEELING.


V.M., Randomly Drug Tested at Work, Boise, ID

I have used name brand synthetic urine kits for almost a decade and I was getting sick of the cost. I finally decided to try the generic unlabeled product because it's way cheaper. I have been buying the unboxed stuff now for 2 years and it has worked every time. It looks exactly the same and comes with everything you need.


Jacob S., Subject to Random Drug Tests at Work, W. Yellowstone, MT

Quickfix Synthetic Urine
Urine Luck Additive
The Strip 1 oz Detox
Extreme Detox Drink
The Strip 10min Detox
Detox Tea
The Stuff Detox Drink
Stinger Detox Drink
Detox Mouthwash
Stinger Rapid Detox
Detox Shampoo
Ace 7 Day Detox
Stinger 2 Pack
Extreme Clean Drink 32 oz
Stinger Daily Detox
Stinger 3 Pack
Clean Slate 2 Day Detox
Insurance PreCleanse Detox
Pase La Prueba
Smoker's Multi-Vitamin
Heavy User/ Over 200lbs
What Product is Best?
EPHEDRA/ Ephadrine Energy
SUBOXONE Positive Urine
False Positives & Drug Tests
Drug Detection Times
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